Videos of Kizzle Kit

Kizzle Kit’s flagship product are its Kizzmos, specialized tools for various rituals. They also have Kizzmits and Kizzlers – who can keep it all straight.

So we’ve created a collection of the best official and unofficial videos out there for your education, in a chronological curriculum.


Check out the beauty of Kizzle Kit’s Kizzmos, polished stainless steel.

Kizzle Kit 101

See an overview of how to use Kizzle Kit’s Kizzmos.

The Zippie Kizzmit

Tune in to unpack Kizzle Kit’s tool case, the Zippie Kizzmit.

Using Jammie to pack a bowl

Using Pokie to de-bowl

Using Pokie to Dab

Thanks for Crutch 420 for showing us a new way to use our Kizzle Kit!