The Vapist’s Log – Kizzle Kit and Joints

Sometimes you just want to go old-school and roll a damn joint. Kizzle Kit’s line of tools are well-suited for all cannabis rituals, with applications for the most sophisticated vaporizers all the way down to classic joint-rolling.

So we are going to break down how each Kizzmo works for you when rolling herb.

  • Snippie
  • Weezie
  • Jammie
  • Pokie
  • Flower

Be careful with Kizzmos. They are sharp. They can be dangerous if used without caution.


Left to Right:

Snippie – are Kizzle Kit’s brand of scissors that are specialized for cannabis use. Snippie’s long tip fits gracefully into stash jars. Snippie’s blades are sharp so they snip stems and flowers with ease and are compatible with big hands, small hands and lefties. Snippie is part of Kizzle Kit because designers were tired of misplacing scissors or gunking up their craft tools.

Pokie – is a specially designed Kizzmo that’s made to clear, clean and poke in places. The curved tipped end is angled just right so that it suits the curvature of the spaces we deal in. The spear tip is the best scraper of stubborn resin. Some folks use this tool for dabs, but we hear Kizzle Kit is developing a new Kizzmo specifically for concentrates.

Jammie – is one of the most original of the Kizzle Kit Kizzmos. The shovel end of Jammie is perfectly rounded to hand-in-glove fit into bowls, dug outs, vape overs and other tricky spots. Then the opposite end is a perfectly weighted, slim tamper that packs down herb for a nice even burn. We at the Kizzle Club are not sure how we ever got by without this one.

Weezie – is the coolest roach clip. There are other uses for Weezie, but stylishly holding a joint is the best. Weezie is long, slender and attractive. The coolest part is the reverse tension of the tip so that you don’t have to worry about actively squeezing them.

Onto the business of rolling…

First use Snippie to cut up about a pinkie finger-sized pile of of loose herb.


Then cut a filter out of a business card or post-card type of paper.

Use Weezie to clip onto the filter, then wind the paper tightly around the tip. Set this aside.

Depending on your preferred joint size or shape, cut down the paper with Snippie.


Cradle the paper and sprinkle the appropriate amount of the herb. Roll and lick the paper for the final seal. Use a dollar bill to even out the roll for an even burn.

Twist off one tip and then to make room for the filter, hold Pokie like a pencil and poke or extract any stray pieces of herb.


Pick up Weezie, tighten the roll of the fashioned filter and fix it to Weezie’s tip. That makes it super easy to guide into the end of the joint.

Use Snippie to cut the twisted tip down for a clean light without as much burnt paper-smoke.


Now it’s time to enjoy.