Pokie, a Kizzmo’s answer to gross paperclips

Creativity used to be key when it came to caring for a bowl, vape, or smoking device. Often times cannabis users are agitated trying to find something to clean accessories and most of the time these makeshift tools leave devices unable to provide an even burn. Kizzmos by Kizzle Kit are a selection of well balanced, ergonomic, surgical grade Japanese steel with a pure metal shine that clear, poke, jam, dab, clean and scoop your pipes and legal herb.

Amy Peters and the Kizzle Kit team designed the stylish lifestyle accessories to streamline the tools needed to enjoy tobacco or cannabis for people at any stage in life.

How many times have you had that moment when you’d love to pack a bowl and it’s time to clear the ash when… ‘Uggh. Where’s a paperclip/bobby pin/pen top/key?’ Pokie was created for that moment. – Amy Peters, CEO

Kizzle Kit and their Kizzmos are essential to every cannabis fan. As marijuana comes closer and closer to legalization across the country, these accouterments are the perfect solution for all-in-one organization of your provisions. Discreet, stylish and sensible, Kizzmos are portable and easy to clean. This line of unique tools can slip right into your purse, briefcase, or travel bag – for on the go needs. Once you’ve experienced the convenience, ease and high quality aesthetic that they come with, you’ll rarely leave the house without them. The Kizzmos and the variety of products that Kizzle Kit offers are the only items you need to keep your shelf stocked and will ensure you’re always well prepared.  

Next up is the Pokie. Long gone are the days of using bobby pins, q-tips, car keys, knives, pipe cleaners and every other household item to clean the herb, gunk and resin. Caring for and cleaning your accessories is part of the cannabis friendly lifestyle, and requires products that are sturdy and scrape out every last bit. If the last few times you cleaned your bowl resulted in unbending just the last bobby pin you had, it’s time to give the Pokie a shot. The smooth cylinder handle lets you easily move around circular spaces with ease. Each side contains different size sticks for your different size pipes and tools. Once the ash and gunk are cleaned out, the Pokie is easy to clean. Removing the grime has truly never been simpler! The skinnier side of the tool can scrape residue from all size pieces while the bigger side can even help to pack cannabis into joints. Did we mention Pokie comes in a variety of colors? Shop the Kizzle Kit online store and choose between silver, teal, pink, red, or navy.


Pokie keeps you in the clear.

No more searching for paper clips or bobby pins. The better you take care of your pieces, the longer you can use them and the better condition they stay in to be used properly. Not cleaning your pipes can result in clogs, which will not let you enjoy your marijuana to the fullest. The Kizzmos are your go-to toolkit for keeping your implements in the best condition.