The Vapist’s Log – Kizzle Kit + Pax 2 Vaporizer

Kizzle Kit and Pax go together like tacos and Everyday. We have found that Kizzle Kit’s Kizzmos are super ubiquitous so we’re writing to show the many ways of Kizzle Kit’s brand of accessories we use for our cannabis consumption. No matter your favorite way to consume, Kizzle Kit has a place in your cannabis rituals!

This post details how we use Kizzle Kit’s Kizzmos for clearing and packing our Pax vaporizer.

Make sure your Pax vaporizer is turned OFF for these operations.

  • Pax 2 Vaporizer
  • Pokie
  • Jammie
  • Snippie
  • Flower

Use Snippie to cut up about a thumb-size pile of loose herb.


Take Pokie and hold it like a pencil with the needle tip out. Open the vape oven and flick out the vaped herb.


Run Pokie around the rim of the oven in case there’s any half-baked herb stuck in the crannie for the lid.


Use Jammie to scoop the herb cleanly into the oven. It usually takes about two-shovel fulls for a single serving. Notice how perfectly curved the tool is so that the herb slides right in. Flip the shovel and run it around the rim of the oven so that the herb doesn’t stick and gunk up the seal when it is heated.


Use the opposite end of Jammie to tamp the herb down for a nice even carboxylation. The tool is perfectly weighted for the task and sized precisely for the space.


Sometimes the button to turn your vaporizer feels tough to push into the on position. We find that the tamper end of Jammie is amazing for turning it on.


If ever you need to remove to mouthpiece on your Pax 2 Vaporizer, check out the spear end of the Pokie Kizzmo. Slip the point into the hole and lever off the silicon mouthpiece for cleaning.