The New Kizzmit is Coming! Kizzle Kit’s new case is super cool.

We adored the debut roll and tie style Kizzmit (aka a Kizzle Kit tool case) that was released just before the holidays in 2015. We really truly did. The durable duck canvas fabric in fun colors and the pretty grey chevron… plus the rare earth magnets that held the Kizzmos in… It was the perfect companion for our stash boxes but was also a portable carrier that we could throw into our bags and G-O. Easy peasy.


However, it sounds like the new Kizzmit that Kizzle Kit is releasing this holiday season may rival the usefulness of its predecessor. The CEO sent us this note ahead of “Zippie’s” release:

“Kizzle Kit is happy to announce that pre-orders are being taken for our new Kizzmit, Zippie. The new case features a lockable zipper enclosure, smell-proof, moisture resistant “stash” pocket and accessories pouch. For colors, we are offering a classic black, but are excited to have a pink pattern and teal and gold textured material for style choices. We also brought back the rare earth magnets since people really loved the slick look without unsightly elastic straps.”

Amy Peters, CEO of Kizzle Kit (11/5/16)

We got an early photo. It will start shipping in December (2016).


What’s better is that Kizzle Kit is now selling the cases and tools together for $60. If you already have tools but no Kizzmit, they will sell you a case separately. They also still sell the tools individually, but by the time you buy all four Kizzmos, you may as well just buy a Kizzle Kit and get the case.

It really depends on how you use your Kizzle Kit to decide on going with a new case. These new Kizzmits look just like your average wallet or pocket book (depending on where you’re from!). The Kizzmos themselves always make the first impression of being “dental tools” or a manicure set. Awesome! At a glance, they won’t give you away! So tucked away into a super cute tool case – that’s the cherry on top.

We love the idea of a stash pocket with our tools. Either with flower or concentrates, admittedly it is nice to have everything you need in one little place for the grab-n-go aspect. It’s great for parties – you just break out your Kizzmit and set out the various Kizzmos. And it’s fun for going out because the Zippie Kizzmit is discrete. And even though you really may enjoy your tools at home in your stash box, you can keep them in the Kizzmit at home which soothes those OCD types. You know who you are!

It’s also ideal for those who keep a small tidy ritual because they have kids or family around. The zippers offer the ability to keep everything together and contained in one place, but what’s neat-o is they are “kissing zippers” so you can lock it up with a small lock and tuck the lock inside. Obviously you aren’t going to keep serious miscreants from getting into your Kit, but if you do have a roomie or curious kid who wants a peek, the lock will stop them.

Needless to say we can’t wait to get our hands on one of these. We like the sound of the teal and gold Kizzmit.