Jammie, the most amazing invention for loose leaf

Some people become creative when it comes to packing, cleaning, and caring for their bowl, vape, and other devices. How many times were you so fed up that you couldn’t find something to clean your pipe and you reached into your ponytail to get a bobby pin or your pant pocket to grab the keys? Even then, the bowl is never all the way clean and you definitely weren’t able to pack it properly for an even burn.  Kizzmos by Kizzle Kit are a selection of well balanced, ergonomic, surgical grade Japanese steel with a pure metal shine that clear, poke, jam, dab, clean, and scoop your pipes and legal cannabis.

Amy Peters and the Kizzle Kit team designed the stylish lifestyle accessories to streamline the tools needed to enjoy cannabis for people at any stage in life.

‘Pinching up loose leaf and hoping it makes it into the vaporizer oven was always so messy with crumbs all over the place, not to mention the smell on your hands afterwards. That’s why we designed Jammie, a shovel that fits companionably into those kind of small spaces.’ – Amy Peters, CEO

Kizzle Kit and their Kizzmos are essential for every cannabis user. As marijuana grows towards legalization across the country, these accouterments are the perfect solution for all-in-one organization of your provisions. Discreet, stylish and sensible, Kizzmos are portable and easy to clean. This line of unique tools can slip right into your purse, briefcase, or travel bag — just like your favorite lighter. Once you’ve experienced the convenience, ease and high quality aesthetic that they come with, you’ll rarely leave the house without them. The Kizzmos and the variety of products that Kizzle Kit offers are the only items you need to keep your shelf stocked and will ensure you’re always well prepared – whether you enjoy for recreational or medical purposes.

Let’s start with the Jammie. This is the tool that you’ve been searching for each time you pack the bowl and end up spilling herb right onto the carpet. Fail! The Kizzle Kit Jammie is for everyone who doesn’t want to waste that high-quality product. Once you’ve used the Jammie, that won’t ever happen again. It’s designed to scoop dry marijuana leaves into small spaces, and then pack it for the most perfect burn. Guaranteed to be the tool you use the most, it’s lustrous design gets every last bit into the joint, bowl, or vape. Unlike many tools on the market that do not have cleanliness in mind, the Jammie is different. Nothing is worse than trying to pack your bowl only to be left with sticky fingers and less cannabis than you had originally picked up. With the Jammie, you no longer need to use your fingers or pieces of cardboard to scoop. This is all you’ll need to use. Plus, it’s built to keep your space clean and free of residue, and is available in five fun colors!

Jammie comes in Teal, Red, Silver, Pink & Navy

Jammie shovels loose leaf into your small spaces.

It’s about time that you stop using home office or toiletry items to assist in your medical needs, or enjoy recreationally. With Kizzle Kit you keep your tools in a one clean, safe location so you can have one less thing to worry about.