Kizzle Kit launched their new Zippie Kizzmit this summer!

The Zippie Kizzmit is a stylish zippered case that features a smell-proof “stash pocket,” accessories pouch and lockable zipper. Inside, super strong magnets keep your favorite Kizzmos in place: Pokie, Jammie, Weezie and Snippie.

Kizzle Kit is everything you need, except for the… loose leaf.


Pokie is specialized for clearing bowls, picking at grinders, and scraping out vaporizers. Pokie’s heat-resistant stainless steel can also serve extracts.

Pokie's "spear" tip and "needle tip"

Pokie gets into those nooks and crannies for cleaning.


Perfectly sized and rounded for common spaces such as dug outs, vaporizers and bowls, Jammie slides loose leaf without losing a crumb. One scoop equates to about one serving.

Jammie's "scoop" and "tamper" ends

Jammie keeps the loose leaf in line.


Weezie features reverse tension to handle roaches with precision and style.

Weezie's reverse tension and slick style

Weezie’s reverse tension looks so fancy


Snippie cuts up loose leaf, wraps, papers and filters. Carefully crafted for the comfortable hand-hold and long nose that fits well into jars.

Snippie's long-nose and easy handling

Snippie works for anything and everything. You always need scissors.

Kizzle Kit Care Suggestions

  •  Clean Kizzmos after use to maximize lifespan
  • Wipe Kizzmit with warm water and soft cloth
  • Do not use an abrasive sponge or cleaner

We recommend that you keep the magnets in the Kizzmit a fair distance away from computers, laptops, credit cards, floppy disks and your VHS collection.


  • These products are for those who are at least 21 years old.
  • Kizzmos are sharp. Please use caution while handling these tools. They are potentially dangerous if used carelessly.
  • Please return silicon tips after use to avoid injury.

Kizzle Kit Incorporated is not responsible for injuries that result from carelessness, misuse or accidents.

Download the printable PDF of Kizzle Kit’s Official Instructions.